Performance reporting procedures and guidelines (retail law) 2019

Retail market performance reporting and guidelines
Date initiated: 
20 December 2017
Date completed: 
9 April 2018
Effective date: 
1 January 2019
AER reference: 


The AER Performance reporting procedures and guidelines (retail law) (the Guidelines) set out the manner and form in which regulated entities must submit information and data to the AER relating to their performance under the National Energy Retail Law and National Energy Retail Rules (Retail Rules).

Retailers are required to submit templates to the AER in accordance with the Guidelines, via the AER Portal.

The revised Guidelines require retailers to report additional data, including:

  1. Further detail about the retail market and market structure (particularly regarding customer contracts);
  2. Information on the roll out of smart meters as a result of the metering contestability regime which commenced on 1 December 2017; and
  3. Further information about customers experiencing payment difficulties (including in relation to payment plans, hardship programs and referrals to credit collection agencies).


The AER collects data under the guidelines through template Version 4.5. This template has been in use since Q3 2021-22.

AER portal

To submit your information and data, your completed template will need to be uploaded to the AER portal. To assist you in using the AER portal, please follow the Retailer portal user guide. If you require assistance in accessing the AER portal please contact