Regulation of alternative energy sellers review - October 2013

Date initiated: 
14 October 2013
Effective date: 
23 June 2014


Under the Retail Law, the AER is responsible for regulating businesses or people that sell energy to persons for premises. A number of businesses wishing to sell energy under alternative energy selling models are approaching the AER, seeking guidance on whether a retailer authorisation or a retail exemption is required for their business activities.

On 2 July 2014, the AER published its final statement of approach for energy selling by alternative energy sellers.


On 14 October 2013, the AER published an issues paper which sets out our proposed approach to regulating alternative energy selling models under the National Energy Retail Law.

The paper discusses several emerging business models, including solar power purchase agreements, which differ from the traditional energy retailing models. The issues paper identifies high level principles for the regulation of these businesses and proposes an approach to determining whether alternative energy sellers need a retailer authorisation or a retail exemption.