Retail pricing information guidelines 2015

Retail pricing information
Date initiated: 
15 April 2015
Date completed: 
31 August 2015
Effective date: 
1 February 2016
AER reference: 


On 23 April 2018, the AER released a final version 5.0 of its Retail Pricing Information Guidelines and accompanying Notice of Final Instrument. Version 5.0 of the Guidelines commences on 31 August 2018.


Under the National Energy Retail Law, the AER may develop and amend Retail Pricing Information Guidelines (the Guidelines). The Guidelines aim to assist customers more easily compare standing offer prices and market offer prices offered by retailers. The Guidelines also provide direction to energy retailers about providing data and information to the AER for the purposes of our energy price comparison website, Energy Made Easy.

The Guidelines play an important role in educating consumers and empowering them to engage in the retail energy market and make more informed and efficient decisions. By specifying the manner and form in which information is presented by retailers, we aim to create a clear and consistent form of presenting important information to customers, giving them confidence in the accuracy and comparability of this information.

We commenced a review of Version 3.0 of the Guidelines in early 2015 and consulted in accordance with the retail consultation procedure set out in r. 173 of the National Energy Retail Rules. Version 4.0 of the Guidelines clarifies how retailers comply with the Guidelines and makes amendments to the presentation and content of Energy Price Fact Sheets. Version 4.0 also extends some requirements to advertising and marketing.

The Notice of Final Instrument and the Notice of Draft Instrument, discuss the consultation process and amendments in further detail. Consultation documents and submissions are available on this page under the 'Final decision milestone’.