Retailer reliability obligation - Reliability compliance procedures and guidelines

Retailer Reliability Obligation
Date initiated: 
3 November 2022
General enquiries - Retailer Reliability Obligation


The Retailer Reliability Obligation (RRO) is designed to support reliability in the National Electricity Market (NEM). The RRO is supported by a suite of AER guidelines, which provide detail on how the various stages of the RRO operate.

In addition to the AER’s specific roles in the administration of the RRO, the AER must monitor, investigate and enforce compliance with the RRO provisions.

The National Electricity Law (Electricity Law) requires the AER to make Reliability Compliance Procedures and Guidelines. The Guidelines may include, without limitation, guidance:

  • for regulated entities about compliance with the reliability obligations under Part 2A of the Electricity Law;
  • for regulated entities about the policies, systems and procedures that they must establish and observe to monitor their own compliance with the RRO;
  • on the information and data liable entities are required to provide to the AER about compliance; and
  • on carrying out compliance audits, including the costs payable by regulated entities for an audit carried out by or on behalf of the AER.

On 3 November, the AER published an Issues Paper as the first stage in our consultation on the Guidelines. It sets out a proposed approach to the first version of the Guidelines, which we plan to release in May/June 2023 in accordance with the Rules Consultation Procedures.

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The AER invites interested stakeholders to make written submissions in response to the specific questions or issues raised in this paper, or any other matter relevant to the development of the Reliability Compliance Procedures and Guidelines, by the close of business on 8 December 2022.