Retail energy market performance update for Quarter 4, 2019–20

Retail energy market update
Release date: 
30 November 2020


On 30 November 2020, the AER published retail energy market performance data covering 5 quarters from Q4 2018–19 to Q4 2019–20, and 5 years of data from 2015–16 to 2019–20. The data is published in an Excel format to enable stakeholders to easily download and use the statistics.

We are publishing this data to accompany the release of our Annual retail markets report 2019–20.

We have split the data into three separate spreadsheets, which are modelled on the schedules in the guideline. These spreadsheets contain:

  • Schedule 2: customer numbers, switching, contracts, meter installations, tariffs;
  • Schedule 3: complaints, debt (non-hardship), Centrepay, missed pay on time discounts, credit collections, payment plans, disconnections; and
  • Schedule 4: hardship customer numbers, hardship debt, hardship concessions, hardship payments, hardship program information, hardship assistance offered, hardship disconnections and hardship reconnections.

Additional data

There is a large amount of data provided in these spreadsheets, however if additional data is required please email