Reporting timeframes for regulated entities to submit retail performance reporting and retail compliance reporting on an ongoing basis to the AER, as provided for under the National Energy Retail Law (Retail Law) and National Energy Retail Rules (Retail Rules).

Compliance reporting

The AER monitors, investigates, enforces and reports on compliance by regulated entities with obligations under the Retail Law and Rules. The AER produces regular reports on its compliance activities.

Performance reporting

The AER publishes data on a range of performance indicators including; customer numbers, contract types, complaints, energy debt, payment plans, hardship programs, disconnections and reconnections. The AER produces regular reports on its performance monitoring activities.

Retail reporting timeframes
Quarter Quarter period Report type Reporting due by Submit by
Q1 1 July–30 September Compliance - Quarterly 31 October
Q1 1 July–30 September Performance 31 October AER Portal
Q2 1 October–31 December Performance 31 January AER Portal
Q2 1 October–31 December Compliance - Quarterly 28 February
H1 1 July–31 December Compliance - Half-yearly 28 February
Q3 1 January–31 March Compliance - Quarterly 30 April
Q3 1 January–31 March Performance 30 April AER Portal
Q4 1 April–30 June Compliance - Quarterly 31 August
Q4 1 April–30 June Performance 31 July

AER Portal

H2 1 January–30 June Compliance - Half-yearly 31 August