Compliance bulletin - Contingency frequency control ancillary services (FCAS)

Compliance bulletin
Release date: 
25 October 2022


This compliance bulletin outlines for electricity market participants our expectations regarding compliance with a number of critical obligations relating to contingency frequency control ancillary services (FCAS) under the National Electricity Rules. Market participants should review their systems and processes and update them as appropriate.

FCAS is one of the mechanisms used by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) to manage power system security. It is important that FCAS can be, and is delivered, when required as it forms a key part of the safety net measures to ensure AEMO can achieve and maintain power system security.

The Compliance Bulletin was first released in February 2022, and updated in October 2022 in light of a Federal Court outcome relating to contingency FCAS obligations.

The information in this compliance bulletin is provided for guidance only and is not a substitute for any provisions of the Electricity Rules, or an exhaustive statement of the AER’s expectations. Participants are responsible for decisions about how best to operate, guided by private legal, commercial advice, where appropriate.