Compliance update - Information to be provided to AEMO

Compliance check
Release date: 
23 June 2022


With the National Electricity Market currently facing considerable challenges, it is essential for participants to provide high quality and timely information to AEMO to ensure it can maintain a safe, secure and reliable power system.

The purpose of this compliance update is to provide guidance to participants on critical obligations to provide information to AEMO under the National Electricity Rules (NER), with a focus on the submission of energy limits through the Projected Assessment of System Adequacy process and risks to power system security.

While this update has its genesis in assisting participants during the current situation, it is our expectation that participants maintain focus on these obligations at all times. Participants should review their practices in light of the information set out in this compliance update and amend them as appropriate.

Participants often contact the AER seeking clarification of relevant NER obligations. While the AER does not provide legal advice, we encourage participants to continue doing this as these communications, along with our ongoing monitoring and compliance work, will inform our policy position and assist us to determine whether further AER guidance may be appropriate.

More information on these obligations can be found in the AER’s NEM Summer Readiness Compliance Bulletin and Checklist.