AGL - Failing to provide a verifiable and specific reason - 22 March 2006

Infringement notice
Release date: 
31 August 2006
Related provisions: 

Clauses 3.8.22 (c)(2)(i) of the National Electricity Rules.

Event date: 
22 March 2006

One infringement notice issued and infringement penalties totalling $20 000.


The AER imposed a civil penalty of $20 000 on AGL Hydro Partnership over its use of the inflexibility and rebidding provisions of the National Electricity Rules with respect to its MCKAY1 generating unit on 22 March 2006.

The AER issued an infringement notice alleging that AGL Hydro breached clause 3.8.22(c)(2)(i) of the rules by failing to provide a verifiable and specific reason for declaring the MCKAY1 generating unit as inflexible. As AGL Hydro has paid the infringement penalty, the AER's investigation of this matter is now closed.

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