AGL Hydro Partnership: failure to comply at all times with latest generation dispatch offer

Infringement notice
Release date: 
13 January 2017
Related provisions: 

Clause 4.9.8(b) of the Electricity Rules.


One infringement notice issued with total infringement penalty of $20 000.


The Electricity Rules require that a scheduled generator must ensure that each of its scheduled generating units is at all times able to comply with its last generation dispatch offer for that generating unit.

The AER issued one infringement notice to AGL Hydro Partnership (AGL), the owner and operator of the scheduled generating unit at Somerton Power Station in Victoria, because it had reason to believe that the scheduled generating unit at Somerton Power Station was not able to comply with its latest generation dispatch offer at all times during the 3.30 pm trading interval on 13 January 2016.

AGL paid the infringement penalty of $20 000 on 3 January 2017.