Braemar Power Projects - Failure to follow dispatch instructions - 4 November 2007

Infringement notice
Release date: 
28 January 2009
Related provisions: 

Clauses 4.9.8(a) and 4.9.8(b) of the National Electricity Rules.

Event date: 
4 November 2007

Three infringement notices and infringement penalties totalling $60 000.


The AER has issued an investigation report into compliance with dispatch instructions by Braemar Power Project and the impacts of network congestion in Queensland on 4 November 2007.

This report completes the Australian Energy Regulator’s (AER) investigation into these events and follows from the AER imposing infringement penalties totalling $60 000 on Braemar Power Project Pty Ltd in November 2008. The penalties related to the alleged failure of Braemar's power station to ensure its offers to supply generation capacity into the National Electricity Market accurately reflected its capability and its alleged failure to follow dispatch instructions issued by the market operator.

The report sets out the detailed results of the AER’s investigation, including why the AER alleged Braemar failed to follow dispatch instructions during the morning of 4 November 2007. The report also examines whether the conduct of other relevant generators affected by those events was in accordance with the National Electricity Rules.