Generator notice of closure exemption guideline

Exemption guideline
Date initiated: 
1 March 2019
Date completed: 
29 August 2019
Effective date: 
1 September 2019
AER reference: 


From 1 September 2019, generators are required to provide at least 42 months' advance notice of their intention to close, unless we grant an exemption. We are required to publish guidelines for how we intend to handle applications for exemption, and what information applicants will be required to submit. We published our exemption guideline on 29 August 2019.


In developing the exemption guideline we published a draft on 7 June 2019 that sought stakeholder comment on our proposed guideline. Three submissions were received. Prior to developing the draft guideline, on 1 March 2019 we also published an issues paper that sought comment on key issues related to the guideline’s development. Seven submissions were received.