Rebidding and Technical Parameters Guideline (2017)

Date initiated: 
13 July 2016
Effective date: 
28 February 2017
AER General Inquiries


The Rebidding and Technical Parameters Guideline outlines the detail that must be contained in a rebid reason submitted to the Australian Energy Market Operator and our process for requesting additional information to verify the rebid reasons. In addition, it covers several related areas associated with the bidding and rebidding of technical parameters.

In February 2017 we published a revised version of the Guideline to replace the previous (December 2009) version. The release of the revised Guideline (and accompanying final decision) marks the end of a consultation process which began with a consultation paper in September 2016 followed by a draft decision in December 2016. We took issues raised in submissions to the consultation papers into account in arriving at our final decision.

The revised Guideline became effective from 28 February 2017.