Wholesale electricity market performance monitoring - 2020 Focus

Date completed: 
27 November 2019
Date initiated: 
4 October 2019
Effective date: 
27 November 2019
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The AER published its 2020 Focus on 27 November 2019. The focus works in conjunction with our enduring Statement of approach to provide an overview of how we intend to approach our biennial performance report. This document outlines the areas we intend to focus on in our analysis, and the framework and tools we intend to apply for our 2020 performance report.

We have powers under the National Electricity Law to undertake regular, comprehensive, longer-term assessments of the performance of wholesale electricity markets. We provided our first biennial comprehensive report on the performance of Australia's wholesale electricity markets to the Council of Australian Governments Energy Council in December 2018. The next one will be delivered in December 2020.