Prices above $5,000/MWh - 26 August and 8 September 2022 (South Australia)

$5000 report
Event date: 
26 August 2022
Release date: 
18 October 2022


The Australian Energy Regulatory (AER) is required to publish a report whenever the electricity spot market 30-minute price exceeds $5,000/MWh and whenever consecutive 30-minute prices exceed $5,000/MW FCAS markets.

The AER must consider whether the following factors contributed to the significant price outcomes:

  • available capacity
  • network availability
  • offer, bidding and rebidding behaviour in respect of the relevant market.

The AER may consider the following matters:

  • broader and ongoing market trends that may be contributing to the significant price outcomes
  • any events and behaviours that may be detrimental to effective competition or efficient market operation
  • any other matter which the AER considers relevant.