Wholesale statistics

The AER monitors the performance of wholesale electricity and gas markets and publishes data from that monitoring in reports such as the annual State of the Energy Market. This page sets out key data series for these markets.

The charts and tables shown, as well as underlying data, can be downloaded. The data cover:

  • Spot prices, including extreme prices, in the National Electricity Market
  • Electricity contract (derivative) prices
  • Electricity demand and generation, including by plant technology
  • Electricity trade between regions
  • Costs of managing frequency variations in electricity supply
  • Spot gas prices in the short term trading market and Victorian gas market, including prices of ancillary services
  • Gas demand, production, pipeline flows and unaccounted for gas
  • Liquidity metrics covering the Gas Supply Hub (GSH) and the Day Ahead Auction (DAA) of pipeline capacity and compression services.