Day Ahead Auction - Number of trades


Month beginningSWQP (Number of trades)MSP (Number of trades)MAPS (Number of trades)RBP (Number of trades)WCFA (Number of trades)WCFB (Number of trades)EGP (Number of trades)CGP (Number of trades)MCF (Number of trades)BWP (Number of trades)ICF (Number of trades)QGP (Number of trades)VICHUB (Number of trades)PCA (Number of trades)
2019 Q214325201451114100000000
2019 Q327457401960156733000000
2019 Q4171223023601184801180000
2020 Q122928122252019673001220000
2020 Q2203316176317181472908580000
2020 Q3329475237330026811015470000
2020 Q42984151683103410584017355421200
2021 Q12283829934555146922690212815200
2021 Q227741114439731971893987235180510
2021 Q334560320636101742471592315172110
2021 Q42736161104142115934901016211821111
2022 Q130754517539331111298152078110555
2022 Q2428731153473520822760121350567148
2022 Q349283617958992212722261314016855109
2022 Q4432954185633182083221071712601507692
2023 Q166412792666201420342033919781207389
2023 Q2214960346625017748223618641647891
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Gas liquidity (DAA)

The Day Ahead Auction (DAA) is a centralised auction platform providing the release of contracted but un-nominated transportation capacity on designated pipelines and compression facilities across eastern Australia. The auction, facilitated by AEMO, enables transportation facility users to procure residual capacity on a day-ahead basis after nomination cut-off, with a zero reserve price and compressor fuel provided. AEMO operates the Capacity Trading Platform (CTP) and DAA across the east coast.

Participants may bid in to the DAA in order to procure the following services:
• forward haul pipeline services with products offered in both directions on bi-directional pipelines;
• interruptible backhaul services; and
• stand-alone compression services (Moomba, Wallumbilla, Ballera, Iona).

This figure shows the number of trades occurring at each auction facility. Capacity is displayed by date of delivery (gas day).

Description of acronyms:

AGP - Amadeus Gas Pipeline
BWP - Berwyndale to Wallumbilla Pipeline
CGP - Carpentaria Gas Pipeline
DDP - Darling Downs Pipeline
EGP - Eastern Gas Pipeline
MAPS - Moomba to Adelaide Pipeline System
MSP - Moomba to Sydney Pipeline
PCA - Port Campbell to Adelaide pipeline
PCI - Port Campbell to Iona pipeline
QGP - Queensland Gas Pipeline
RBP - Roma to Brisbane Pipeline
SEPS - South East Pipeline System
SESA - South East South Australia Pipeline
SWQP - South West Queensland Pipeline
TGP - Tasmanian Gas Pipeline
WGP - Wallumbilla to Gladstone Pipeline

BCF - Ballera Compression Facility
ICF - Iona Compression Facility
MCF - Moomba Compression Facility
WCFA - Wallumbilla Compression Facility A
WCFB - Wallumbilla Compression Facility B