Operational documents

Governance Handbook

The Consumer Challenge Panel (CCP) Governance Handbook provides guidance on how the CCP sub-panels will operate and provide advice to the AER, it provides clarity and structure for interactions between the CCP, network services providers (NSPs), consumer groups and the AER. The Process Map is a guide to the engagement activities of CCP sub-panels at particular points of the regulatory review process.

Consumer Challenge Panel - Governance Handbook - January 2017 ( PDF 268.37 KB )

Consumer Challenge Panel - Governance Handbook - Process map - December 2016 ( PDF 192.24 KB )

Conflict of interest

Members of the CCP have been appointed because of their backgrounds and experience. In addition to their role with the CCP, members may also be active in the Australian energy industry and wider community. In performing multiple roles, conflicts of interest may arise.

A conflict of interest guideline assists members in managing this issue. CCP members must notify the AER of all potential conflicts, which are listed on a public register. In some circumstances, a conflict may result in a member removing themselves from a project. The Conflict of Interest Register will be updated on an ongoing basis, as required.

Consumer Challenge Panel - Conflict of interest register - Updated May 2020 ( XLSX 17.46 KB )

Consumer Challenge Panel - Conflict of interest guideline - 2017 ( PDF 531.66 KB | DOCX 96.42 KB )

Confidentiality and Freedom of Information

As the CCP sits within the AER, members are subject to the same confidentiality and FOI requirements as the AER. The AER has a duty to protect all confidential information provided by a third party. All CCP members sign confidentiality undertakings agreeing to treat all information provided by the AER as confidential and to only use the information for official CCP purposes.

The work of the CCP is also subject to the Freedom of Information Act. Work produced by CCP members may be released following an FOI request, unless the work falls within an exemption under the Act.

A Confidentiality and FOI guidance paper assists members in understanding their obligations in dealing with confidential information and the FOI regime.

Consumer Challenge Panel - Confidentiality and FOI guidance ( PDF 458.48 KB | DOCX 33.26 KB )