LTESA tender rules

Long-Term Energy Service Agreements, or LTESAs, provide revenue certainty for private investment in new renewable energy generation, firming and long-duration storage, which help to secure finance for project construction.

LTESAs are part of the Electricity Infrastructure Investment Safeguard, a framework to ensure orderly and efficient investment to meet the needs of the electricity system. 

Under this Safeguard framework, the Consumer Trustee will ensure planning for the generation and firming capacity required in NSW will be undertaken in a structured and coordinated manner.

Consultation in setting LTESA tender rules

As the appointed Consumer Trustee for the NSW Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap, AEMO Services was required to consult with the AER on its proposed tender rules for the competitive tender process for LTESAs. 

For transparency, this section provides the feedback exchanged between the AER and AEMO Services during the consultation processes.

AER letter to the Consumer Trustee providing feedback on LTESA tender rules - 8 March 2022 (redacted)

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AEMO Services response to the AER feedback on LTESA tender rules - 10 June 2022 (redacted)

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AER's letter to the Consumer Trustee with feedback on the draft LTESA tender rules - 14 July 2022 (redacted)

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The Consumer Trustee's response to AER feedback on LTESA tender rules - 25 July 2022 (redacted)

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AER letter to Consumer Trustee on updated tender rules - February 2023

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Consumer Trustee letter to AER on updated tender rules - March 2023

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The gazetted rules

On 10 May 2024, the NSW Government gazetted a new set of tender rules. Below are the letters which show the feedback the AER provided on the revised tender rules.

AER letter to Consumer Trustee on updated tender rules - April 2024