We are the appointed regulator for NSW Renewable Energy Zones

In 2021 the NSW Government appointed the AER to be the economic regulator of infrastructure projects within the state’s newly formed Renewable Energy Zones. 

It did so under the NSW Electricity Infrastructure Investment Act 2020 which has enabled the NSW Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap

The NSW Government appointed EnergyCo as the Infrastructure Planner and AEMO Services as the Consumer Trustee for the development of these zones that are critical to achievement of the roadmap.  

What we do

The types of infrastructure projects in Renewable Energy Zones can include solar farms, wind farms, super batteries and transmission lines that bring power to the home. 

Our role is not to decide on the size and scale of these infrastructure projects themselves – that’s for the NSW Infrastructure Planner and Consumer Trustee to work out.

Our role is to scrutinise the cost of projects proposed by the Infrastructure Planner and approved by the Consumer Trustee (and occasionally the Minister) so energy consumers pay no more than necessary now and in the future. The costs will be recovered from NSW consumers through the yearly contribution determination.  

Decision-making process

Here’s the decision-making process for a project within an established NSW REZ zone.


This image shows a hierarchy of decision making in New South Wales Renewable Energy Zones

Risk management framework

One of the AER’s functions is to approve the Risk Management Framework as developed by the Consumer Trustee, AEMO Services. 

We approved the framework in July 2022. 

Read the Risk Management Framework 

View our letter of approval

Learn more about current and future projects at EnergyCo (the appointed Infrastructure Planner)

To learn more about REZ development in New South Wales, including the relevant legislation and governing bodies, visit EnergyCo, the Energy Corporation of New South Wales.

EnergyCo is responsible for leading the delivery of Renewable Energy Zones as part of the NSW Government’s Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap.