My energy service

Help for consumers to minimise energy bills

June 2022

We know that many people who are connected to the National Electricity Market in the eastern states and South Australia are worried about rising energy prices and stability of energy supply. The AER is closely monitoring the market to ensure all energy businesses comply with the rules.

It’s important to know that you can avoid paying more than necessary and if your energy retailer goes out of business that there are protections in place.

Getting the most out of your energy contract means ensuring you meet your responsibilities to your energy retailer and distributor.

You should ensure your retailer knows:

  • your contact details so they can bill you and get in touch when necessary
  • if and when you are moving house
  • if the way you are using your energy at home has changed, for example if you start running a small business from home
  • if you have a concession card or are entitled to government assistance
  • if you are having trouble paying your bill
  • if someone at your residence uses life support equipment.

Energy distributors maintain and read your meters, and maintain the electricity lines and gas pipes connecting your premise to the network.

You should ensure your distributor:

  • has safe, clear and convenient access to your meters so regular meter readings can be taken
  • knows about any proposed changes to wiring or equipment that may affect the quality of supply of electricity or gas at your premise.