Saving energy

There are a number of things you can do to make your house more energy efficient.

Speak to your energy retailer and consider these energy saving tips:

  • Ask your retailer to undertake an energy audit of your home, this can usually be done over the phone, and can help to identify ways to save energy.
  • Hot water, heating and air-conditioning can be a large part of your energy bill. Set your hot water thermostat to 60ºC. In summer, set your air-conditioning to between 23ºC and 26ºC and in winter your heating to between 18ºC and 21ºC. Remember to turn your heating and cooling off overnight.
  • Close your curtains at night.
  • Turn off lights when you leave a room.
  • Don’t leave appliances on standby – turn them off at the switch.

Further energy efficiency information is available on the AER’s Energy Made Easy website. Energy Made Easy also allows Australian households to look at how their electricity usage compares to other households in their area: Energy Made Easy

This factsheet also includes information on how to save energy around your home: Energy efficiency in the home ( PDF 111.08 KB )