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The AER monitors the performance of each sector of the energy industry. Results and statistics from that monitoring are often captured in reports published by the AER such as the annual State of the Energy Market report and various others. This area of the website brings together many of the statistics, tables and data from those AER publications.  It allows images and the data behind those images to be viewed or downloaded.

The information includes data on:

Retailers are required to report a series of metrics related to the performance of the retail markets to the AER on a regular basis. These requirements, and our focus on accurate retailer performance reporting, are set out in our recently released Guidance Note.

Recently AGL has advised us of significant errors with the information it has provided, impacting on many reporting metrics over the financial year 2017-18. Given AGL's share of the retail market and the impact such errors have on aggregate results, we have decided to remove all retail performance data from our website until further notice. We are currently examining the implications of AGL’s failure to submit accurate and timely information.

We expect to release all quarterly reports for financial year 2017-18 on our website in December 2018.  In the meantime, should you require any specific retail performance data, please do not hesitate to contact the team at

The information can be viewed, in most cases, as either a graphical image or in table form.

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