Final decision

On 30 April 2023, the AER published a final decision on its Review of incentive schemes for network service providers.

Changes to our 2013 Capex Incentive Guideline were required in order to implement our final decision. Changes made to our Capex Incentive Guideline were:
  • Update to Section 2.3.2 Applying the sharing factor
  • Update to Section 2.5 Transparency
  • Update to Section 2.6 Application of the CESS to large transmission projects
  • New worked examples included at Appendix A & B

Supporting information - updated CESS model

Changes to our CESS model were required in order to implement our final decision. An updated CESS model is provided below.

This CESS model will only apply to our future decisions. This means that the first time this model will be issued will be for the 2024-29 round of distribution network service provider determinations.