The framework provides for pipeline operators to publish the information that shippers need to make an informed decision about whether to seek access to a pipeline service and to assess the reasonableness of an offer made by the pipeline operator. The publication and exchange of this information is intended to facilitate timely and effective commercial negotiations in relation to access to non-scheme pipelines.

A service provider for a non-scheme pipeline must prepare, maintain and publish:

  • service and access information
  • standing terms
  • financial information
  • weighted average price information

Information must be provided in accordance with the access information standard and timetable set out in the rules. The timetable provides for the publication of the first set of:

  • Pipeline information, pipeline service information and standing terms by 1 February 2018
  • Service usage information (for January 2018) by 28 February 2018
  • Service availability information by 31 January 2018 (for the next 36 or 12 months, as applicable), and
  • Financial information and weighted average price information by 31 October 2018 or 31 January 2019, depending on the service provider’s financial year.

This information is to be published on each service provider’s website.

Non scheme pipeline financial reporting guideline - template - May 2021

Non scheme pipeline financial reporting guideline - Explanatory statement - December 2017

Non scheme pipeline financial reporting guideline - December 2017