The Retailer Reliability Obligation (RRO) requires liable entities (relevant market customers and registered opt-in customers) to report their net contract position for a forecast reliability gap period to the AER. Reports must be submitted in accordance with the National Electricity Rules, and lodged in accordance with, and in the form specified by, the AER’s Contracts and Firmness Guidelines.

Contracts are adjusted based on their relative 'firmness'. Standard qualifying contracts are to be adjusted using a default firmness methodology, and non-standard qualifying contracts are to be adjusted using a bespoke firmness methodology developed by the liable entity.

Liable entities are required to have all bespoke firmness methodologies, and their application in a net contract position report, approved by an independent auditor on the AER's auditors panel.

Independent auditors

The AER has approved the following Independent Auditors to the Auditors Panel. Only an Independent Auditor approved to the Auditors Panel can sign-off a bespoke firmness methodology and the way it has been applied to a contract.

AER approved Independent Auditors
  Firm Email Phone
Nick Denman
(currently not available)
Energy Edge ndenmanatenergyedge [dot] com [dot] au (ndenman[at]energyedge[dot]com[dot]au) 0409 766 904
Elliot Tonkes
(currently not available)
Energy Edge etonkesatenergyedge [dot] com [dot] au (etonkes[at]energyedge[dot]com[dot]au) 0407 659 625
Cau Thai Oakley Greenwood cthaiatoakleygreenwood [dot] com [dot] au (cthai[at]oakleygreenwood[dot]com[dot]au) 0421 355 069
David Rylah Advisian david [dot] rylahatadvisian [dot] com (david[dot]rylah[at]advisian[dot]com) 0438 932 419
Tim Ammundsen Advisian tim [dot] ammundsenatadvisian [dot] com (tim[dot]ammundsen[at]advisian[dot]com) 0404 797 749
Corey Leskosek Advisian

corey [dot] leskosekatadvisian [dot] com (corey[dot]leskosek[at]advisian[dot]com)

0408 136 567
Andrew George Amanzi Consulting Energy Advisory Services Andrew [dot] georgeatbaseloadgreen [dot] com [dot] au (Andrew[dot]george[at]baseloadgreen[dot]com[dot]au) 0410 436 320
Alex Georgievski Woollahra Partners alexatwoollahrapartners [dot] com [dot] au (alex[at]woollahrapartners[dot]com[dot]au) 0416 328 316
Vernon Swanepoel Swanepoel Consulting Pty Ltd swanepoel [dot] vernonatoutlook [dot] com (swanepoel[dot]vernon[at]outlook[dot]com) 0419 305 239
David Garwoli EnergyX Solutions Pty Ltd davidatenergyx [dot] solutions (david[at]energyx[dot]solutions)     0409 391 301
Philip Sheppard EnergyX Solutions Pty Ltd philatenergyx [dot] solutions (phil[at]energyx[dot]solutions) 0413 855 187

Information for panel members

The Auditors Panel Handbook acts as a supplementary guide to the Contracts and Firmness Guidelines. It sets out governance arrangements, including how we will establish and maintain the Auditors Panel, and our monitoring and oversight of the Auditors Panel.

Apply to join the panel

The AER is currently accepting applications from suitably qualified persons to join the independent auditors panel.

Information on how to apply is contained in the Auditors Panel Handbook. Applications and queries about the application process should be emailed to RROataer [dot] gov [dot] au (subject: RRO%20Independent%20auditors%20panel) (RRO[at]aer[dot]gov[dot]au).