Ergon Energy - Cost pass through - feed-in tariff 2014–15

Commencement date: 
26 October 2015
Effective date: 
1 July 2016
AER General Inquiries


For the 2014–15 regulatory year the AER has approved Ergon Energy’s proposed pass through of $126 million associated with the Queensland Government Solar Bonus Scheme.

Owners of solar panels are paid by retailers for electricity they supply into the distribution grid. Retailers recover these payments from the relevant distributor, who in turn recovers them from its customers.

This means that in 2016-17 Ergon Energy will be permitted to raise additional revenue to meet the approved pass through amount incurred in 2014-15. However, under Queensland’s Uniform Tariff Policy Ergon Energy customers pay the same price for electricity as Energex customers. This pass through decision will not directly impact prices paid by customers.