ElectraNet - Determination 2003-08

Commencement date: 
16 April 2002
Regulatory period: 
1 January 2003 to 30 June 2008 (5 years)


On 11 December 2002, the ACCC released its decision regarding ElectraNet's revenue cap application for its transmission network for a five and a half year period commencing 1 January 2003 to 30 June 2008.

The ACCC's decision drew on ElectraNet SA's application, consultancy reports on the asset base, capital and operating expenditure and service standards, submissions from interested parties, the draft decision, presentations from the public forum, submissions received in response to the draft and other information presented to the ACCC during the course of its deliberations.

On 15 October 2003 the ACCC approved ElectraNet SA's application to vary its transmission prices as a result of the Murraylink conversion application.

Key documents

Documents Author
ACCC Decision - SA Transmission Network Revenue Cap - 11 December 2002 ( PDF 591.63 KB ) Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)