Powercor - Determination 2021-26

Commencement date: 
30 April 2018
Regulatory period: 
1 July 2021 to 30 June 2026 (5 years)
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On 30 September 2020, the AER published its draft decision for the Victorian electricity distributor, Powercor, for the 2021–26 regulatory control period.

On 31 January 2020, the Victorian distributor, Powercor, submitted its revenue proposal to the AER setting out the revenue Powercor proposes to collect from its customers through distribution charges from 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2026.

Revised proposal

On 3 December 2020, Powercor submitted its revised revenue proposal responding to the AER's draft decision for the 2021-26 regulatory control period.


We invited interested parties to make submissions on our draft decision and Powercor's revised proposal. Submissions closed 8 January 2021 and are now available with our draft decision.

Draft decision

On 30 September 2020 we released our draft decision on Powercor's proposal for the 2021–26 regulatory control period, commencing 1 July 2021. The draft decision represents a key milestone in our determination of the amount of revenue that Powercor can recover from customers who use its network.

Stakeholder forum (predetermination conference)

The AER hosted an online public forum (predetermination conference) on its draft decision for the Victorian distributors on 15 October 2020.

Extension of regulatory control period - Six-month variation final decision

On 28 October 2020, we released our decision on Powercor's electricity distribution determination for the six-month extension variation decision for the 2016-20 regulatory control period.  


On 27 October 2020, the National Energy Legislation Amendment Act 2020 (Vic) (NELA Act) came into effect to change the timing of the annual Victorian electricity and gas network prices changes. The Act amends the National Electricity (Victoria) Act 2005 (NEVA) to extend the current regulatory control period (1 January 2016 – 31 December 2020) by six months. The Order in Council under sections 16VE and 16VF of the amended NEVA to give effect to the extension of the current regulatory control was also published on the same day. This provides for the extension of the current regulatory control period (1 January 2016 to 31 December 2020) by six months and that the next regulatory control period will commence on 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2026. 

Due to the delay in passage of this legislation, we took steps in the pricing process before our final decision was released. The indicative timing for the assessment of network tariffs can be found here and we continue to work with distributors and the Victorian government to ensure any effects of this delay are minimised.