Distribution Annual Planning Report Template

Date initiated: 
1 May 2017
Effective date: 
1 July 2017
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On 1 May 2017 the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) circulated a Consultation Paper to Distribution Network Service Providers (DNSPs) and non-network providers on a draft Distribution Annual Planning Report (DAPR) template. The DAPR template will improve the consistency and useability of DAPRs across the National Electricity Market and will improve the ability for non-network providers to identify and propose solutions to addressed identified network needs.

The AER ran a workshop in Sydney and invited comments from DNSPs and non-network providers on the type and format of the information.

This DAPR template takes into account the comments and feedback received and is a further step towards improving the consistency and useability of DAPR information.

The AER sees this document as a living document which will evolve in response to stakeholders’ needs in a timely manner.


In December 2016 the Australian Energy Markets Commission (AEMC) released its final determination on the Local Generator Network Credit National Electricity Rule (Rule) change. The Rule change required that the AER publish a template by 30 June 2017.

The template must include, among other information:

  • The name and location of network assets where a limitation has been identified;
  • The timing of the limitation;
  • The proposed solution;
  • The estimated cost;
  • The amount by which peak demand would need to be reduced to defer the proposed solution and the dollar value of each year of deferral.

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