Export tariff guidelines



On 12 August 2021, the AEMC published its Access, pricing and incentive arrangements for distributed energy resources final determination. The determination changes the energy rules with the aim of getting more small-scale solar into the grid, while supporting growth of batteries and electric vehicles. This included removing the prohibition on export tariffs.

As a result of this change, the AER is required to consult on and develop export tariff guidelines that provide information and guidance to distributors and other stakeholders about the process for development and approval of export tariffs.

Invitation for submissions

We will shortly be publishing a consultation paper on the export tariff guidelines for feedback. To complement the release of the consultation paper, we are also holding a public forum about the guidelines in October 2021. Registrations for interest in attending the forum will open soon.

Indicative timetable

Indicative date for key milestones:

Milestone Date*
Consultation paper - discusses possible content of export tariff guidelines September 2021
Online public forum October 2021
Submission on consultation paper close November 2021
AER publishes draft export tariff guidelines and explanatory statement January 2022
Submissions on draft export tariff guidelines close March 2022
AER publishes final export tariff guidelines and explanatory statement May 2022

*Please note this timetable is subject to change.