Future technology platforms

Date initiated: 
25 October 2022
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AER has a Data Strategy with a vision to becoming ‘A high-performing, insights-driven regulator with data assets that are unified, trusted, reliable and accessible, empowering us to ensure energy consumers are better off now and in the future.’ The Data Strategy supports the AER in delivering our strategic objectives and prepares us to tackle changing energy landscape demands.

In line with the Data Strategy and AER’s strategic priority to ensure the regulatory regime and our network performance reporting evolves to support the energy transition, the AER is looking to streamline the data and information collection mechanisms.

The objective of this initiative is to

  • ensure our future data and information exchange technology platform meets the need of the AER and regulated networks;
  • deliver operational efficiencies for the AER and regulated networks; and
  • adopt best practice data management and governance practices for more informed decision making.

The AER is keen to understand key issues we should consider as we explore solutions to streamline data and information exchange and held a workshop on 8 November 2022 to seek the views of the Network Service Providers on the future technology platform to support data and information collection, to carry out our role in gas and electricity regulation.