Service target performance incentive scheme version 3 - March 2011 amendment

Service target performance incentive scheme
Date completed: 
31 March 2011
Date initiated: 
1 December 2010
Effective date: 
31 July 2012


On 31 March 2011, the AER released its final decision relating to amendments to the service target performance incentive scheme (STPIS) for electricity transmission network service providers (TNSP), together with an amended scheme.

Powerlink submitted a proposal to the AER in August 2010 to amend certain aspects of the STPIS as they apply to Powerlink. The AER released its proposed scheme and explanatory statement in December 2010 concerning these amendments. The AER received two submissions from Powerlink and TransGrid.

The amendments to the STPIS detailed in this final decision generally relate to parameters and definitions specific to Powerlink, however, there are also some minor amendments to the text in Appendix B of the STPIS, which applies to all TNSPs. The amended scheme will apply to Powerlink from the commencement of its next regulatory control period – 1 July 2012.