Port of Brisbane Corporation network exemption

Individual exemption
Exemption class: 
Notice status: 
Current notice
Effective date: 
Facility description: 
The Exemption applies to all of PBC's distribution network assets at the Fisherman Island site at Brisbane, Queensland.
AER reference: 
NECA 0002/02
  • Port of Brisbane Corporation
Fisherman Island Brisbane, QLD


On 13 December 2002, NECA granted the Port of Brisbane Corporation (PBC) an exemption from the requirement to register as a network service provider and the operation of Chapter 5 of the National Electricity Code. The exemption was granted under clause 2.5.1 of the National Electricity Code in accordance with NECA's NSP Registration Exemption Guidelines, and is subject to the following conditions:

  • PBC only serving customers connecting to the existing Port of Brisbane network;
  • customers having unrestricted access to the retailer(s) of their choice and retailers being permitted to serve customers connected to the Port of Brisbane network;
  • network charges being applied to customers in accordance with the negotiated lease agreements between PBC and the tenants of the site;
  • customers having access to an external dispute resolution mechanism equivalent in function to that available to customers under the National Electricity Code;
  • the network being maintained at least to the standards specified in the connection arrangements with the local distributor; and
  • PBC at all times remaining compliant with the relevant requirements of the Queensland jurisdiction for the licencing or exemption from licencing of the network.