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Registrable exemption
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Current notice
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The network to which the exemption applies will consist of three separate 132kV network 'spines' and associated equipment (Relevant Networks) located in the 'northern', 'central' and 'southern' coal seam gas fields within the Surat Basin (Gas Fields) owned by QGC Pty Limited, its related bodies corporate and their respective joint venturers (each a Gas Company) or on land with the authority of the owner of that land. The Relevant Networks will be connected to transmission or distribution networks owned by Queensland Electricity Transmission Cotporation Limited (trading as Powerlink) (Powerlink) or Ergon Energy Corporation Limited (Ergon) (as applicable) at Woleebee Creek Substation, Columboola Substation and Kumbarilla Park Substation (as applicable). The Upstream Facilities will be connected to a Relevant Network by underground 33kV electric lines, Condamine Power Station will be directly connected to the Relevant Network for the central Gas Fields. The applicants have provided a series of maps showing the approximate location of the Relevant Networks within the 'northern', 'central' and 'southem' Gas Fields and the underground 33kV electric lines.
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AER-N 0001/12
  • QGC Pty Limited /ABN 11 089 642 553
  • CNOOC Infrastructure Company Pty Ltd /ABN 47 142 591 124
  • Tokyo Gas QCLNG Pty Limited /ABN 49 147 864 319
  • QGC (Infrastructure) Pty Limited /ABN 77 116 145 174
Surat Basin QLD


On 28 February 2012, the AER approved the Applicants' exemption from the requirement to register as a network service provider and the operation of Chapter 5 of the NER. The exemption was granted under clause 2.5.1 of the NER in accordance with the AER's Electricity [no-lexicon]NSP Registration Exemption Guideline, and is subject to a number of conditions.

Applicable conditions for exemption class NRO3

The Relevant Networks subject to the exemption will be used to supply electricity to the upstream operations of the Gas Companies and their respective related bodies corporate and their respective joint venturers (Upstream Facilities), including, but not limited to, field compression stations, central procesing plant, gathering, treatment, extraction, processing and storage facilities, equipment and other facilities associated with or incidental to the exploration, development, processing and pressurisation of coal seam gas, including, but not limited to, accommodation camps, field compressor stations, central processing plants, water treatment plants (including infrastructure for the beneficial use or distribution of associatedd water), warehouses, sheds, garages, drilling rigs, pumps, construction equipment, operating control rooms, electrical works, telecommunications, monitoring equipment and electric lighting.

On 1 April 2014, QGC applied to the AER for permission to adopt a modified methodology for determining distribution loss factors within the southern and central regions of their electricity network. On 8 May 2014 the AER approved the proposed methodology.