Annual Benchmarking Report - Distribution and Transmission 2018

Annual benchmarking
Release date: 
30 November 2018


In the annual benchmarking reports we (the AER) examine the relative efficiency of the distribution and transmission electricity network service providers. In doing this we consider the characteristics of each network business, and how their productivity compares at the aggregate level and for the outputs they deliver to consumers. We developed the report using publically available data that we collected after an extensive consultation process that aligned with the development of our Expenditure Forecast Assessment Guideline.

The benchmarking calculations and dataset, and submissions by the network services providers, can be found at Annual Benchmarking Report 2018.


Please note: due to the identification of an error during the preparation of the 2020 Annual Benchmarking Report, the productivity index number results in annual benchmarking reports preceding the 2020 Report are not accurate. This error does not impact the econometric opex cost function models or the partial performance indicators. Please see the 2020 Annual Benchmarking Report for corrected results and for more information on the error which relates to the non-reliability output weights.

Annual benchmarking reports

AER DNSP benchmarking report 2018

AER TNSP benchmarking report 2018

Consultant reports - Economic Insights

DNSPs - Economic benchmarking results for the AER - 9 November 2018

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