Issue date
AER reference
AC 142/18

The Australian Energy Regulator has approved 2019 gas distribution tariffs submitted by the three Victorian gas distributors, Australian Gas Networks, AusNet Services and Multinet Gas. The approval for Australian Gas Networks also covers its Albury network.

These tariffs comply with the requirements of their respective gas access arrangements for the period 2018–22.

In Victoria, distribution charges make up approximately a third of an average residential customer's gas bill, and in New South Wales about half. 

The following is the estimated annual effect of distribution tariffs on residential customers’ bills in 2019 (assuming full retailer pass through):

  • 1.1 per cent or $12.58 for Australian Gas Networks (Victoria)
  • 1.5 per cent or $9.61 for Australian Gas Networks (Albury)
  • 0.5 per cent or $5.62 for AusNet Services; and
  • 1.2 per cent or $11.89 for Multinet Gas.

We note these impacts vary around the average retail bill of approximately $1,056 per annum and an average usage of approximately 52,770 MJ per annum.

While 2019 distribution tariffs are below those charged in 2017, the modest tariff increases this year are the minimum required for distributors to continue to provide a safe and reliable service and to meet regulatory obligations.

The AER acknowledges energy bills are a concern to many households in Victoria and New South Wales, and highlights the importance for customers to understand what’s out in the market and shop around for the best deals. 

Consumers are encouraged to use the Victorian Government’s independent price comparison site, Victorian Energy Compare, to find the best deal to suit their energy needs. New South Wales customers can use the AER’s Energy Made Easy website, our free and independent price comparison tool.