Issue date
AER reference
AC 138/19

The AER is seeking stakeholder input into the development of the opt-in guideline for the Retailer Reliability Obligation (RRO). Large customers may be eligible to opt-in to manage the liability for their load under the RRO and as such eligible customers will need to apply to the AER to opt-in. The AER is required to develop and publish a guideline detailing the opt-in process, including the information to be contained within the opt-in register, the processes for registering, deregistering or amending registration, and the criteria for assessing opt-in eligibility.

We published an issues paper today that seeks stakeholder comment on key issues, such as: the information and evidence an applicant should provide when applying to opt-in and how the opt-in register will be managed.

Invitation for submissions

We invite interested stakeholders to make written submissions in response to the specific questions raised in this paper, or any other matter relevant to the development of the opt-in guideline, by the close of business 1 November 2019.