Issue date
AER reference
AC 114/22

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has initiated the Retailer of Last Resort process that will allow for the transfer of customers from electricity retailer Mojo Power East Pty Ltd (also trading as People Energy) to ensure the continued supply of essential energy services to these customers.

Under the Retailer of Last Resort process, customers will be transferred to retailers such as Origin Energy and Energy Australia, who will contact them directly to explain the new arrangements. This occurred at 0:00 hours Australian Eastern Standard Time, 19 July 2022, impacting around 500 customers across New South Wales, Queensland, and South Australia.

The AER applied the consumer safeguard after the company ceased the sale of energy to five local councils based in New South Wales. This will ensure continuation of supply to essential services to Mojo Power East customers within these jurisdictions, including the affected local councils.

Customers are not required to take any immediate action.

Customers are under no obligation to remain with their new retailer once they are transferred.

Our fact sheet frequently asked questions explains more about the Retailer of Last Resort scheme for Mojo Power East customers. A special hotline has also been set up on 02 6243 3065.

Help for consumers to minimise energy bills in the current climate of higher wholesale prices is also available.


The Australian Energy Regulator is responsible for overseeing the national Retailer of Last Resort scheme. The AER does not administer this scheme in Victoria, this is the responsibility of the Essential Services Commission. Victorian customers of Mojo Power East Pty Ltd are not affected by this process, and there is no change to your current retailer arrangement with Mojo Power East Pty Ltd as a result of this event.

The scheme is designed to ensure that in the event of retailer failure, arrangements are in place to ensure that customers continue to receive electricity and/or gas supply.

If an energy retailer fails, the AER has the power to transfer customers to a new retailer.