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AER reference

The Wholesale Energy Market Dispute Resolution Adviser (WEMDRA) has advised all Market Participants in the National Electricity Market that it has referred a scheduling error matter to a Dispute Resolution Panel (DRP) in accordance with clause 3.16.2 of the National Electricity Rules (NER). 

The DRP member is Tom Clarke of counsel.

The matter is for access to the participant compensation fund for a scheduling error declared by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO). The error was declared on 21 June 2023, for the trading interval ending at 0005 hours to the trading interval ending at 1205 hours, inclusive, on 1 May 2023 (error 54 on AEMO's list of scheduling errors). 

Under the NER any participant can initiate a process to claim compensation arising from this scheduling error if it believes it may have incurred a compensable loss based on the application of the compensation principles in clause 3.16.2 of the NER.

The WEMDRA has provided a letter to AEMO to send to any participants who may have a claim of above $10,000 and who have not yet indicated an intention to submit a claim for compensation. In dealing with this matter, the DRP needs to satisfy itself as to the possibility of further claims as far as is practical.

If any market participant wishes to claim compensation in relation to this matter, they should contact the WEMDRA.  

The DRP hearing is on 4 June 2024. 

If you do not join this matter to progress a claim it will still be open in the future. However, the additional costs of both WEMDRA and DRP time will be considered and may be payable from any compensation.   The WEMDRA can be contacted at shirliatresolveadvisors [dot] com [dot] au (shirli[at]resolveadvisors[dot]com[dot]au).