Consumer matters
Issue date

We have decided to switch to the standard rules consultation procedure for the 2024 review of the values of customer reliability (VCR) methodology following stakeholder feedback. 

On 22 March 2024, we commenced formal consultation with the publication of our draft determination on the 2024 VCR methodology using the expedited rules consultation procedure. 

In response, stakeholders requested we switch to the standard consultation procedure to facilitate more consultation opportunities and further consideration of issues relating to the methodology.

We have carefully considered the issues raised and have decided to switch to the standard consultation procedure. We published a notice of our decision on 21 May 2024.

The effect of switching to the standard consultation procedure is: 

  • The draft determination from 22 March 2024 is now considered a consultation paper. Submissions on that consultation paper closed on 23 April 2024.
  • We will publish a new draft determination in early June 2024. Submissions on this draft determination will be open for 20 business days.

More information on our review is available on the 2024 VCR Review project page.