Compliance bulletin
Release date

The AER‘s Gas transparency measures (reporting) compliance bulletin outlines reporting obligations for entities engaged in gas market activities under the National Gas Rules and the National Gas Amendment (Market Transparency) Rule 2022. This follows release of the AER’s compliance update - Gas transparency measures (revised dates for implementation) in December 2022 and Gas transparency measures (registrations) compliance bulletin in September 2022.

With the deadline for Gas Bulletin Board (BB) registration now passed, the AER is focusing on new BB reporting obligations commencing 15 March 2023. This compliance bulletin provides a summary of all reporting obligations. It also highlights new arrangements for participant reporting to AEMO’s Gas Statement of Opportunities, as well the AER’s approach to enforcing compliance with the Gas Transparency Measures.

The Gas transparency measures include the requirement for gas field operators to report reserve and resource information directly to the AER at the same time that it is provided to AEMO.  Included is a template that we request field operators to use for this reporting to the AER.

An updated excel template is provided in our Guidance Note to Reserves and Resources Reporting.