Compliance bulletin
Release date

The AER’s non-scheme pipeline information disclosure compliance bulletin outlines our expectations regarding non-scheme pipeline service providers' compliance with a number of information disclosure obligations under Part 23 of the Gas Rules (NGR). It also discusses several issues that the AER has identified during its Part 23 compliance review in 2021–22.

Service providers of non-exempt non-scheme pipelines are required to publish a range of non-financial and financial information to assist prospective users negotiate access to their pipelines. It is important that the published information meets the requirements of the NGR and the AER's financial reporting guideline for non-scheme pipelines to enable users or prospective users of the pipelines to negotiate access on an informed basis.

Ensuring service providers' compliance with the Part 23 information disclosure regime was a Compliance and Enforcement priority for the AER in 2021–22 and remains a priority in 2022–23.

The information in the compliance bulletin is provided for guidance only and is not a substitute for any provisions of the Gas Rules, or an exhaustive statement of the AER’s expectations. Non-scheme pipeline service providers are responsible for decisions about how best to operate, guided by private legal, commercial advice, where appropriate.