Annual performance
Release date

The AER is responsible for reporting on the performance of the retail energy market and energy businesses, including information on energy affordability, difficulties consumers face in paying their energy bills and movements in market share across retailers. Our Annual retail markets report 2020–21 tracks outcomes in this context, and helps guide us as the regulator to the issues that matter most to consumers.

The report covers the states and territories where the Retail Law applies: Queensland, NSW, the ACT, South Australia and Tasmania (electricity only). Our analysis of pricing and of customer switching also includes Victoria. 

The report includes the following contents:

  1. Market overview
    • Market share and customer numbers
    • Market and standing contracts
    • Customer switching
    • New market developments
  2. Pricing and affordability
    • Summary of findings
    • Energy cost update
    • Energy affordability
  3. Payment difficulties and hardship
    • Debt levels
    • Payment plans
    • Hardship programs
    • Concessions
    • Disconnections
    • Credit collection
  4. Customer service
    • Complaints
    • Call centre responsiveness
  5. Appendices
    • Prepayment meters
    • Pricing and affordability methodology
    • South Australian service standards
    • Distributor performance
    • Map of electricity distribution zones
    • Map of gas distribution zones