State of the energy market 2012

State of the energy market
Release date: 
20 December 2012


On the 20 December 2012 the AER published the sixth State of the energy market report.

The report provides an overview of Australia's electricity and gas markets. It focuses on activity over the past 12–18 months in those jurisdictions and areas in which the AER has regulatory responsibilities.

The State of the energy market supplements the AER's extensive technical and compliance reporting on the energy sector and is intended to meet the needs of a wide audience, including government, industry and the broader community.

The 2012 edition consists of a market overview, supported by five chapters on the electricity and gas sectors.

The report can be downloaded either in its entirety or individual chapters, additionally there is a choice of downloading an single A4 pages or double page spreads (suitable for A3 printing).

Report sections:

  • Complete report
  • Market overview
  • Chapter 1 - National electricity market
  • Chapter 2 - Electricity networks
  • Chapter 3 - Upstream gas markets
  • Chapter 4 - Gas pipelines
  • Chapter 5 - Energy retail markets