AER Compliance check - De-energisation in a protected period

Compliance check
Release date: 
30 June 2014


The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has been notified of conduct involving de-energisation of small customers' premises during protected periods specified in the National Energy Retail Rules. As part of its response, the AER has issued the attached Compliance Check to remind retailers and distributors of their obligations under the National Energy Retail Law and Rules.

All instances of potential non-compliance with the Retail Law and Rules are assessed by the AER in accordance with its Compliance and Enforcement Policy. The AER will weigh up a range of factors in deciding on an appropriate response to particular conduct, and will take steps with the regulated entity involved. Part of the AER’s response may include issuing a Compliance Check for the broader industry to highlight the relevant obligations and to emphasise the importance of effective compliance processes and systems.