Guidelines to support the Retailer Reliability Obligation

The AER is responsible for developing Guidelines on certain aspects of the Retailer Reliability Obligation (RRO).To support the timely implementation of the RRO, a number of these Guidelines were introduced as Interim Guidelines.

Following consultation with stakeholders, the AER has decided that development of the Final Guidelines will commence after the Energy Security Board recommendations on the interim reliability measures are approved by the National Energy Reform Council in September 2020. This will allow the AER and stakeholders to take the amendments to the law and Rules into account in our consultation on, and development of, the Final Guidelines.

Timetable for Guideline development
Milestone Interim Guideline published Final Guideline published
Opt-in Guidelines - 30 June 2020
Forecasting Best Practice Guidelines 20 September 2019 August 2020
Reliability Instrument Guidelines 31 July 2019 [June 2021]
Market Liquidity Obligation Guidelines 30 August 2019 [June 2021]
Contracts and Firmness Guidelines 30 August 2019 [June 2021]
Reliability Compliance Procedures and Guidelines - [June 2021]