Compliance Bulletin No 1 - Compliance with dispatch instructions, offers and bids

Compliance bulletin
Release date: 
18 July 2016


The purpose of this compliance bulletin is to inform market participants of our broad understanding and enforcement approach when monitoring and enforcing compliance with clause 4.9.8 of the National Electricity Rules (Rules).

Chapter 4 of the Rules provides the framework for achieving and maintaining a secure power system. The requirements for participants to follow dispatch instructions issued by the Australian Energy Market Operator and to ensure their offers or bids accurately represent their capabilities are essential to the secure operation of the power system.

This compliance bulletin replaces our 2006 compliance bulletin regarding following dispatch instructions issued by AEMO. This bulletin has been updated to capture our approach to all the subclauses of 4.9.8, our Compliance and Enforcement — Statement of Approach and a Federal Court outcome related to this provision.