On 17 August 2000 Epic Energy submitted its proposed access arrangement for the South West Queensland Pipeline.

Epic Energy - Proposed access arrangement - 17 August 2000

Epic Energy (Qld) Pty Ltd

Issues paper

The ACCC released an issues paper in September 2000 identifying indicative issues and inviting submissions on any issues relevant to the access arrangements. The ACCC was restricted, however, in the range of issues it could consider due to the derogation made by the Queensland government prohibiting the commission from reviewing a number of issues.

ACCC Access arrangement issues paper - September 2000

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)

Submissions - to ACCC Issues paper

The ACCC received submissions from Epic Energy on 28 September 2000 relating to its issues paper. 

The ACCC responded to Epic's submission on 12 October 2000. The ACCC also received a submission from Santos in response to a request for public comment on 20 October 2000.