Indicative timetable

Indicative dates for key milestones in the decision making process
Milestone Date
AER published preliminary position F&A for Directlink March 2018
Submissions on preliminary F&A for Directlink closed 27 April 2018
AER published final F&A for Directlink July 2018
Directlink submitted regulatory proposal to AER

31 January 2019

AER publishes issues paper 28 March 2019
AER holds public forum 9 April 2019
Submissions on regulatory proposal close 16 May 2019
AER to publish draft transmission determination 8 October 2019
AER to hold a predetermination conference October 2019
Directlink to submit revised regulatory proposal to AER December 2019
Submissions on revised regulatory proposals and draft decision close January 2020*
AER to publish transmission determination for regulatory control period  5 June 2020

* The NER does not provide specific timeframes in relation to publishing draft decisions. Accordingly, this date is indicative only.


On 1 November 2017, the AER released a Notice and an Information Sheet on whether to amend or replace the current Directlink framework and approach (F&A). These documents outline the purpose of the F&A and call for submissions.



Energy consumers and other interested parties were invited to make submissions on whether it is desirable to amend or replace Directlink's current F&A by 30 November 2017. No submissions were received.


On 18 December 2017, the AER issued a decision to replace Directlink's F&A.